This year’s theme



invites the youth to come together to take charge of their place in this world; to take a stand for their future, and in doing so, to consider the broader impact their individual choices will have on the future of the world – their future.


Every day as an individual, you have new choices to make and paths to take to get you to where you want to go. At the same time, you’re part of a complex, interconnected system that links you to every other person on the planet. We all, in our own unique way, have something very special to offer Our future through our words, through our actions, and with the choices we make about who we are and what we do.

How you, as an individual and as a generation, choose to get to your destination will have an impact, sometimes tiny and sometimes huge, on every other person.

TEDxYouth@CapeTown2016 is a platform for you, the youth of the City, to come together to share and determine what your future could look like, should look like and the role you should and can play in shaping it.

Why? Because, Youth have the power to be the change they want to see in their world – Your future, as a generation, is your choice as an individual.

TEDxYouth@CapeTown2016, run by the youth of this City, aims to help you realise and live this potential.

This year’s event will be taking place on 16 October 2016 between 10am and 4pm at Ratanga Junction.

Interested in spreading your idea to the youth? Visit our volunteer page for more details about how you can get a great chance of getting your voice and your idea heard. (HURRY! applications for speakers close at 5PM on 12 August 2016)
Or maybe you’d like to join our growing team working behind the scenes? Drop us an email: we’d love to hear from you!